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Big Men

Big Men Documentary

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This weekend I had the pleasure of attending Toronto’s hot docs, showcasing some of the latest and greatest in documentary filmmaking.

I saw the premier of Big Men, which tracks several actors through the exploration and exploitation of oil in Ghana. Private US investors, Kosmos Energy, the Ghanaian Government, militant insurgencies in Nigeria, and Exxon Mobil each play a part in the scramble for oil. As you watch the disparate groups clamour to get a piece of the pie, the film continually challenges the audience to think critically about the role of greed within our society.

Following the screening, director Rachel Boynton did some Q&A with the audience. She had lived and breathed Big Men for the past six years. One of her ideas stayed with me long after the session…

The film engages two types of people:
People who are desperate for the things they need (Ghanaian citizens) and
People who are driven by ambition (Western investors)
Although they may act in very different ways, their behavior is driven by a fervent need to be “Big Men,” as in powerful and wealthy individuals.

What I like most about this film is that it does not tell a simple story of good and evil. Rather, it entwines greed, poverty, politics and culture to help us discern the global pattern that we are weaving and inevitably responsible for.

A side note about Resilient Reality blog: The hiatus was due to some East African travels and Vancouver visitations. I’ve now relocated to Toronto but will continue to blog about my experiences in Ethiopia, potentially Tanzania and Kenya, as well as some Toronto tidbits. The frequency of posts will pick up!